Music For Mommy & Me

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Welcome to Music For Mommy & Me!

Music For Mommy & Me is a unique music and movement program for young children, created and developed by Christina Berg. You will experience firsthand what the latest brain research has confirmed: Purposeful musical activities stimulate the cognitive and language, social and emotional, as well as physical and musical development of children of all ages.

The children will experience the fun and magic of music without the pressure to perform. Music For Mommy & Me is not a “toddler-prep-school” or instrument performance class that pushes a structured outcome. After completing the curriculum the children are well prepared for the next step in their musical life – to learn an instrument, sing in a choir, explore dance and drama, or just continue to develop a lifelong love for music. Music for Mommy & Me is developed for children age 18 months to three years of age.

Music For You & Me is a similar program forming the next step up, age group 3 to 5 years old.

Celebrate with us the remarkable bond that you share with your child as we nurture their growth through music!

Enroll and start your child’s musical journey today, with you, the mother by his/her side!

The Music For Mommy & Me and Music For You & Me classes are arranged by LARPD.

About Christina

My name is Christina Berg. I have spent over 30 years in music education for children. I have worked as a Montessori teacher, music specialist and teacher in Livermore for many years and I am currently working with my husband in our family business/music school ā€“ Sycamore Strings Academy ā€“ based in Livermore serving the Tri-Valley Area.

I teach guitar to elementary school students in my Guitar With Christina classes here at Sycamore Strings Academy. I have taught classes to toddlers and pre-schoolers for many years as a certified Kindermusik teacher.

It is a joy for me to now present my own curriculum, which I call Music For Mommy & Me and Music For You & Me. The classes are created, built and developed with a strong foundation on all years of my experience as a teacher and mother of our three Suzuki trained children. To see children’s abilities and personalities grow while learning and smiling during my music time with them is more than a joy. My classes are so much more than music, and I know the love for music is a gift the children can keep for the rest of their lives. When parents and very young children are bonding and sharing positive experiences through music, something very important is growing in a young child’s life. I invite you to come and share a special time together!