As an applicant to any class at SSA, it is your responsibility to request and provide all materials necessary to complete the admission process. An enrollment form, behavior guidelines, student emergency form and media release form must be submitted prior to the first lesson. The steps to admission are as follows:

  1. Schedule a visit to observe a private and a group lesson (All students)
  2. Schedule an audition (transfer students only)
    1. Attend a free Suzuki Seminar (beginner parents only)
    2. Take the Introduction Course, including prep classes for parents and parents with children (beginner parents & students only) when that course is being held.
  3. Download, fill out, and mail in the Enrollment Form for Strings 2014 which includes Emergency Medical Release Form, Behavior Contract Form, Release Form, Policy Agreement Form (All students)
  4. You will be contacted on your admission status.


To begin the admissions process, all parents are encouraged to observe both a private and a group lesson. Appointments are provided with coordination from the teachers. Please contact the SSA office,, (925) 606-5818 for arrangements.


Transfer students, who already are taking instrumental lessons at any other program, Suzuki or regular music instruction, or any other student interested in transferring to SSA must undergo an audition. For the audition, the student will prepare a piece of own choice. Students from Suzuki book 2 or equivalent elementary level and up will be asked to prepare a scale in one, two or three octaves, depending on each individual level. In some cases, a sight-reading sample will be provided at the audition (only on advanced level). Contact the SSA office for appointments.


For families with a beginner student it is desired before enrollment to undergo a short Orientation Period if enrollment allows, including

  1. Observations of a lesson and a group lesson,
  2. A free Suzuki Seminar, and
  3. Introduction Course. See our Policies page for detailed information.


Regular Year-Around Music Instruction Classes

Each student is enrolled for an entire school year, consisting of fall semester, spring semester, and a summer session. See Instruction Calendar for detailed and updated dates of session. If you must withdraw prior to the end of the school year, please contact your teacher or SSA director as soon as possible. A 30 day minimum notice of withdraw is required.

Tuition will be required on a per semester basis.  Installment plans will be offered. Please let the SSA office know if you prefer to pay in full or use the installment plan. More than two installments will require an added administrative fee.

  • Fall Semester: 17 weeks of instruction. Late August through mid January
  • Spring Semester: 17 weeks of instruction. Mid January through early June
  • Summer Session: 4 – 7 weeks of instruction. Mid June through early August. (Summer Sessions can differ in weeks from year to year.)


  • Individual lesson, 30 minutes, $40.00, 45 minutes, $60.00, 60 minutes, $80.00, 90 minutes, $120.00
  • Group/ensemble, 30 minutes $20.00, 45 minutes $25.00, 60 minutes, $30.00, 120 minutes, $35.00


  • Enrollment Fee: $100.00. Sibling’s Enrollment Fee: $50.00. A one-time-only fee.
  • Performance Fee, $25.00. Charged per student per semester. New students will be charged the performance fee at time for enrollment.
  • Administration fee, $25.00. Charged per student per semester, for installment plan of three payments. $40.00 for installment plan of four payments.
  • Late Fee, $25.00. Added to invoice not paid on or before due date, plus 7 days grace period.

Discount Programs

  • Sibling Discount: $150.00 discount per semester (not including summer session).
  • Volunteer Discount: $100.00 discount per semester (not including summer session). A few volunteer positions exist. Inquire at the SSA office about available positions.

SSA Classes Other than our Regular Year-Around Music Instruction Classes

  • SSA arranges a summer youth symphony orchestra, LASYO, in partnership with the local symphony, LAS, Livermore Amador Symphony. See separate information and link about LASYO, published in January of each year. Tuition for the summer youth orchestra will be collected by LAS.

Payment Policies

Prompt payment of the SSA tuition is essential. All our budgeted expenses are dependent on regular payments in due time each semester in one or two installments, and summer session. Invoices will be sent out by email or regular mail approximately three weeks ahead of each semester and summer session. No separate invoice will be sent from the 2nd installment and on. Please inquire with the SSA office about installment plan details.

  • Due date will be two weeks past date of any invoice issued on a regular basis. Invoices issued due to a later starting date or other reason  might have to get a shorter time before the due date.
  • Other installment plan other than two payments can be arranged for an extra fee. Installment plan for 3 payments, add $25.00 administration fee. Installment plan for 4 payments, add $40.00 administration fee.
  • Tuition not paid by the 7th day past any of the due dates will be considered overdue and a reminder will be mailed or emailed with a late payment charge of $25.00.
  • Overdue tuition payment of 30 days and more will cause a termination of the student’s place in the academy class and all instruction will end.


Teacher is Absent:

If the student’s group or individual class is cancelled due to teacher illness or other hindrances to attend the class, you will receive either a make-up lesson or a credit on the next quarter’s invoice. If a long term interruption of a teacher’s presence would occur, a substitute teacher might be hired to take the classes.

Student is Absent:

If the student is absent from any individual or group class, there are no credits. If the student knows in advance about an upcoming absence from an individual class, he or she can 1) Trade or sell the lesson to another student of the same teacher, or 2) Declare the missed lesson a “Student Holiday” with a 50% deduction of tuition for that lesson or 3) Arrange a time for a make-up lesson. See POLICES: Missed Lessons, for more details about these options.

If your child is promoted to a longer length or type of lesson during an ongoing quarter, an extra invoice will be sent for the balance, and the next quarter payment will reflect the new tuition amount as agreed upon.


All payments and forms must be mailed to:

Sycamore Strings Academy

1452 N. Vasco Road #106

Livermore, CA 94551

Please, we prefer mailing the payments to our mailing address in lieu of giving them to teachers or staff.


New Student Enrollment Fee

$100 non-refundable enrollment fee. It is a required payment once the student has been admitted to the program after attending observations, auditions, or/and the Suzuki Seminar. After the enrollment fee is paid, you will get an account with SSA and the scheduling process will begin.

Siblings enrolling

$50 non-refundable enrollment fee for siblings to join SSA.

Late Fee

$25.00 Late Payment Fee for payments postmarked seven days after the due date of tuition.

Bounced Check Fee

$25.00 Bounced Check Fee will be charged for returned checks.

Performance Fee

$25.00 per enrolled student taking instruction during fall semester, spring semester, summer session. Payment is due in September, January and June. This is a mandatory contribution of $75.00 annually in three installments to maintain our high quality concert and recital series. Everyone will be charged, regardless if every student happens to be ready to perform during each current billing period. It allows all performances to be free of charge for all enrolled families plus additional family, friends and anyone interested.

Installment Fees

Full payment and 1/2 payment: no fee

Three installments: $25 administration fee

Four installments: $40 administration fee