SSA’s Regular Music Classes: Individual Instrumental Instruction & Group/Ensemble/Orchestra

Each student is enrolled for an entire school year consisting of 17 weeks of instruction starting in the fall semester, followed by 17 weeks in the spring semester. A shorter summer session is also offered. See our Interactive Calendar for dates of instruction, special events and breaks. If you must withdraw prior to the end of the school year, please contact your teacher or SSA director as soon as possible. A 30 day minimum notice of withdraw is required.

Tuition will be required on a per semester basis. A variety of installment plans can be arranged for invoices of $600 or more per semester. An administrative fee will be charged for students paying more than two installments per semester.

  • Fall Semester: 17 weeks of instruction. Late August through mid January
  • Spring Semester: 17 weeks of instruction. Mid January through early June
  • Summer Session: Up to 7 weeks of instruction. Mid June through early August. (Summer Sessions can differ in length from year to year.)


  • Individual lesson, 30 minutes, $40.00, 45 minutes, $60.00, 60 minutes, $80.00, 90 minutes, $120.00
  • Group/ensemble, 30 minutes $20.00, 45 minutes $25.00, 60 minutes, $30.00, 120 minutes, $35.00


  • Enrollment Fee, $100.00. A one-time-only fee.
  • Sibling’s Enrollment Fee: $50.00. A one-time-only fee.
  • Performance Fee, $25.00. Charged per enrolled student, per semester, including summer session. The fee is added to every student’s invoice, as contribution towards funding our annual performance series, regardless of whether the student is participating as performer in that particular semester or summer session. New students will be charged the performance fee at time of enrollment.
  • Administration Fee, $25.00. Charged per student per semester, for installment plan of three payments. $40.00 for installment plan of four payments.
  • Late Fee, $25.00. Added to invoice not paid on or before due date, plus 7 days grace period.

Discount Programs

  • Sibling Discount: $150.00 discount per semester, (excluding summer session)
  • Volunteer Discount: $100.00 discount per semester (excluding summer session). Please contact us about available positions.
  • Recruiting Discount: $50.00 discount deducted from the upcoming semester’s invoice once a recommendation from a SSA student family has resulted in a new student’s enrollment.
  • LASYO Discount: $50.00 per first semester for new student who joins the SSA Chamber Orchestra after summer session with Livermore Amador Symphony Youth Orchestra, LASYO.

SSA Classes Other than our Regular Year-Around Instrumental Instruction

  • Introduction classes for parents and beginner students, age 3 – 7, intending to begin Suzuki Method instruction.
  • LAS, Livermore-Amador Symphony, arranges a summer youth symphony orchestra, LASYO (Livermore-Amador Symphony Youth Orchestra) in partnership with SSA. See separate information and link about LASYO, published in January of each year. Tuition for the summer youth orchestra will be collected by LAS.

Prompt payment of the SSA tuition is essential. All our budgeted expenses are dependent on our students’ regular, on-time payments in one or more installments each semester, plus our summer session. An administrative fee will be added for plans with more than two installments.  One invoice per semester and summer session will be sent out by email or regular mail  ahead of the start of the semester or summer session.

  • Due date will be two weeks past date of any regular invoice. Invoices issued due to a starting date during a semester in progress, or for other reasons,  might have a shorter grace period before the due date.
  • Due dates for payments in two or more installments will be determined on an individual basis.
  • Tuition not paid by the 7th day past any of the due dates will be considered overdue and a reminder will be mailed or emailed with an added late payment charge of $25.00.
  • Overdue tuition payment of 30 days or more will cause the student’s instruction in the academy to be terminated immediately.