Fiddleheart, book I cover
Fiddleheart, book II cover
Fiddleheart, book III cover

Fiddle Heart Books

Fiddle Heart Books I, II, and III are Scandinavian fiddle tunes which can be used for solo, group, easy chamber music, and ensemble playing. The books are produced for educational purposes with young students as well as for amateur performances and enjoyment. Available by contacting SSA director Göran Berg at email:

Eclectic Strings, Book 1 cover

Eclectic Strings, Book 1
Internationally Flavored String Ensembles,
arranged by Göran Berg.

This book contains arrangements for string ensemble: Violins 1 & 2, viola (opt. violin 3), cello, and bass, with piano accompaniments. Included are pieces from India, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Russia, and China, as well as original pieces with a Latin flair. Available in most music stores and from Alfred Music.

Violins Go Vivaldi book cover

Violins Go Vivaldi
Two Movements for Violin Quartet:
Four Seasons, movement 3 — “Summer”
and Concerto Grosso in D Minor, movement 1

Two wonderful arrangements in one set that are intended to meet the need for advanced violin group repertoire and will surely delight and challenge students. The pieces, playable as quartets
or with multiple players per part, provide an ensemble opportunity for advanced violinists who may not have an orchestra in which to play. Upon occasion music instruction programs have an abundance of violinists but not enough viola, cello, and bass players to form orchestras. These arrangements will also help bridge the gap for advanced violin students moving on to regional youth orchestras. Both scores are included, and the parts are reproducible. Available from Alfred Music.

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