Introduction to Suzuki —
How to become your child’s “home teacher”

General Information

At Sycamore Strings Academy, we have teachers trained and educated in a unique teaching technique called the Suzuki Method. To prepare for starting your young child, please attend our Introduction to Suzuki class.

The class consists of two lessons, one for children and parents together and the other for parents only. It is strongly recommended that you take this class when your child starts regular instrumental instruction. The class is usually scheduled over two weeks in September or/and October and is conducted by our director and teachers.

Note: This class is offered if enrollment permits; at least three beginning students are required. If the class is unavailable, your child’s teacher will include this information in regular classes.

Course Description

I. Children & Parents

No instrument needed. Students will become familiar with the music in Suzuki book 1 through special activities. Parents will get creative ideas about how to practice with their child. The class will provide a positive introduction to making music together with others and help towards a successful start on the instrument.

II. Parents Only

Hands-on orientation class: An instrument is needed for this class. You will watch the movie Nurtured by Love, either as a DVD on loan or at the first class. Parents will learn how to play the instrument, how to choose the right size of instrument, and how to maintain, rent, or buy instruments. Class includes information handouts and discussion concerning the Suzuki Method and its educational philosophy, which is distinctive in focusing on the child. Other topics include the parental role as the home teacher and at lessons, and more.

Graduation Requirements, Policy, and Performances

Learn about the Academy’s system of graduations from books of the Suzuki repertoire.


See our list of resources for instrument renting, buying, and repair; Suzuki merchandise and music; and regional and national Suzuki organizations.

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